Welcome to U-N-I-Verse Academy! This site has many facets for home, budgets and schooling. However, the FOCUS is on at-home resources for home schooling or supplemental lessons.  We have Virtual G.C.C. (General Civilization Classes) for girls, young ladies and adult women who want to live in a Culture of Modesty, Decency and Civilization. We also touch on basic survival in our blog posts! 


     Many parents who choose to home school understand the need for thrifty living! We will offer tips and tricks on how to live the Frugal Life without looking Cheap! Visit our AWESOME DEALS for perfect gifts and treats for your tight budget. If you want to make EXTRA CASH in your spare time we have something for you! Our articles are informative and if you save along the way a great win for you! 


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January 21, 2019

                Could you imagine having to use a travel guide to mark where it is safe for you to stop and use the restroom or get your hair cut? Well, this was a very real concern for our ancestors...

October 5, 2018

Imagine a Texas family having their children stripped away just because a family member or neighbor calls the police/CPS on your family for being home-schooled. Sounds crazy in 2018 doesn't it? However, Texas was not always a Pro- Parent Choice state! It was a hard fou...

October 5, 2018

Are you ready for almost ANY First-Aid basic triage situation? Most First Aid kits from stores are highly inadequate for a family of four in a true emergency situation. Today, I will be listing 21 items needed in a survival kit. I have so much information for an overal...

June 20, 2017

First, let us dispel the misconception that color equals purity levels of water. The color of water is not indicative of purity. A bayou maybe purer than a sapphire-colored mountain lake. Disease producing germs transmitted in water generally come from animal matter mo...

May 30, 2017

So, the lights are out. That shiny washer and clothes dryer are now rendered useless. What option do you have? 

Load up the clothes in the car and make a run to your local Laundromat. But, you DO NOT own a vehicle, you have restless kids, or you just plain don't fe...

May 28, 2017

Another Hurricane Season is upon us. One of the biggest concerns is electrical power outages. Are you prepared? As you can see from the image link to the right, the American Red Cross has the "Blackout Buddy" for sale. These are essential to have in your home when ligh...

May 23, 2017

So, out of nowhere we have a new "fad"! But, is it a fad or a tool for Special Needs children? More children deemed "normal" have caused teachers havoc these last two grading periods with this Neuro-Sensory toy.

Our son, Amir, is what they call HFA-High Functioning Auti...

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